Friday, 17 December 2010

A Colour Challenge

Shades of Blues and Greens
Cool calming colours

I would like to see a LO Card or OTP
done in these colours you may add one other colour as an accent
white, silver etc

You have untill Monday 7pm to email your entry's
to the email address in the side bar of the blog
Look forward to seeing your creations



Lou said...

Noice choice in colours.... lets see what I can do with this.

Becci Sundberg said...

Oooooo will have to see what I can do. Two brother birthday coming up next month so might be able to get one of those out of the way!

lexie said...

Thanks for a great night Kathie and the trip home was good....see you soon ..oxo

Kathie said...

Mine is done Lexie....its an OTP article.....took me most of the day after you left!! But it is done!! Very happy with it too...

Nikki said...

Will give this a go tomorrow if i get a chance lol :-)