Friday, 17 December 2010

part 2 Do.......................

..............your kids ever worry you sick??? Now in the post below I omitted to say do you do it without making them think your having a go at them....telling them how to live their life or just plain nagging them??? Personally thinking here that the slap method may be the way to go.....quick, painful but definitely straight to the point!!!!!!


Becci Sundberg said...

Lol od there are sooo many times when you just want to slap or shake them!
Mayb e just ask them if they want some advice. Maybe explain a situation that you were in and what worked and waht didn't, even if you have to stretch the truth a little.
Our kids will always worry us sick. That's what makes us mothers. But we have to let them live their own life and just be there to pick up the pieces

Kathie said...

Very true Becci!! Thank you

Marelle said...

Oh I agree Becci, My girls are 10 and 8 at the moment they are just learning who they are
and asking really hard questions
especially about God - lucky they are at Christian College when I don't have the answers I say ask your teacher!
Does God wear glasses
What colour are his eyes
etc etc