Monday, 6 December 2010

what if we have...................................

..................all~sorts day......just to make it a little different!! So how it will work is...c/s, pp's, ribbons, know how it leave a comment and tell us what you did over the weekend!!

Winner from the black post is number 8....send us your addy and your pack will be posted this Thursday with all the others!!
Have a great day


Marelle said...

Hi all
I had the best news on Friday ever
I suffered a heart attack in August
and after 3 months nobody could help me so I sought a second opinion from the director of cardiology at Epworth
He said it was tricky surgery
but he would try
then when he got in there the artery that was 70% blocked and giving me sooo much trouble was UNBLOCKED he was stunned
he has only ever seen this happen once in his career (he is about 60)
he is in shock!
So I had a miracle weekend
and now my youngest daughter is so happy that MUmmy is not going to die from a heart attack
So friends who have faith and those that don't I experienced a miracle I was not meant to go upstairs just yet!
Much love and sorry to ramble but I am sooo blissfully happy to have been given a 2nd chance xxx
PS: I have the photos of before and after to prove the artery was blocked and now is unblocked
Love toyou all

Katrina said...

Wow Marelle - that's fantabulous news!!!! I can imagine how stoked you are!!!!

My weekend was spent making Christmas puddings - oh and the usual wrestling and refereeing kids and avoiding housework ;) Oh and 2 kids with heatstroke kept me busy too.

Anonymous said...

Hi we didn't do alot, but i took the kids to get there photo taken with santa which didn't go that well but we got it do in the end and just tried to stay cool indoors.

Becci Sundberg said...

Wow Marelle that is awesome news! Christmas Miracles already!

I spent the weekend crafting and selling my wares st the Scrapbooking top50 Crafters Market.
Today i need to get the last things ready for my blog sale too

Nikki said...

ummm... i cant even remember what i did on the weekend. LOL
Oh yeah.. had some friends over for a bbq and thats it hahaha

Judith said...

Great news for you Marelle.

DD and I had a girls day out in the city. We went to see Mary Poppins, a belated birthday present for her. She really enjoyed it. I did too.

lexie said...

So pleased you got your Christmas miracle Marelle

My weekend Friday night spent it at Kathies home again on Saturday morning prepare for market Saturday afternoon Sunday market and a half hearted attempt at house work

Athenie said...

This weekend was swimming, sailing, hiding from the heat, early birthday celebrations, sleepover, more sailing and my 2nd sons 18th - and can't forget the locust catching. A wonderful hot and humid weekend!

Fantastic news Marelle. I bet you just can't stop smiling!!!!

Heddie said...

Living proof that miracles do happen.. wonderful news for you and your family Marelle.
We had a quiet weekend, worked last night so bit tired.. nothing too exciting .

Jane said...

Wonderful news Marelle.

Busy busy weekend - aren't they all so close to Christmas? I SO wish that our end of school year wasn't at the same time as Christmas - it is just too much and you end up not enjoying either properly!