Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winners are......

For the Friday night challenge I am giving the prize to Pauly this time....that was a hard decision!! I loved them all....great job girls!! Keep your eyes open for the next challenge!!

From the Blue post the winner is (chosen by Miss Angela) number 5 so send us your address and we will post you out a great prize this Friday!! Thanks for playing along girls!!

AND today we have RED day! So if you would like to win a matched red themed pack....leave us a comment!! Is it still raining where you live?? its rained off and on all night again here....we are getting a bit worried about the rivers statewide as they fill up and spill over....its amazing the amount of rain that we have had!! Well have a great day.....


Lou said...

Hope the rain eases off for you all. Hope the sky clears and you have a lovely red sky at dusk tonight.
xx Lou

Becci Sundberg said...

Congrats #5 and Pauly!

Rained quite heavily here last night at one stage apparnelty. Islept right through it.
Still a bit of rain hanging around today though.

lexie said...

Yayyyyy Pauly!!!!

Sexy Red
Dangerous Red
Red rag to a bull
So many REDS!!!!
Which red did you have in mind????

lexie said...

Oooops nearly forgot to say congratz Lizzy on winning the blue pack

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie,
I would love a red pack too. Yes it is still raining hear too, the river has come up heaps again and is over the edge of the bank. But amber is loving splashing in the puddles.

Katrina said...

Congrats to the winners :)

it's not raining here at the moment but I think it's a wet day ahead... no washing on the line for us.

Being the 1st of etc we're putting up the Christmas tree - I always use the traditional red, green and gold... Hopefully it'll help bring the Christmas Spirit to our home... there's been way too much stress and worry here of late!

Nikki said...

Congrats Lizzy (again) lol
Well done Pauly.
Still raining here, the boys are dissapointed because they're ment to be swimming all this week and next and weather like this... they cant.
the overflowing river here has settled a bit just over the banks now.

Pauly said...

Woohoo, thanx everyone!! If this rain keeps up Kathie, I dunno how we will go Friday night, highway was flooded Sunday when we come through and we had to detour through Alex!! Will see how it is on Friday. And yeehah!! finished my adent calender just in the nick of time!!

Heddie said...

Congrats to Pauly and Lizzy, loved you LO Pauly. Rain has been falling very lightly all day here in Euroa, bit drab looking out the office window.. Hope everyone is having a good day.

lizzyc said...

oh wow thank you again....
how lucky is that?

roses are red
the sky isn't blue
it is raining so hard
i will need my gum boot shoes!!

stay safe in the roads everyone.. especially at school time if you have school pick up.. my daughters last day today... so that means more home time for me... yippee!!

princessbeccie said...

congrats winners!!!
no rain here but i did get some photos today... i walked outside coz trinity was calling out to me... and i find her sitting a bucket full of water.... so cute!!

Anthea said...

Congrats everyone....

As for RED is my one elses....this is mine gals....capish...? LOL




Anonymous said...

Hi Gang,

Just dropping a line to say hi to you all and aint it hot for a Saturday (Red HOT)compared to what it has been like for the past week? Can't wait for next Friday to see you all again.

Cheers for now

Chris C