Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday night challenge 21.1.2011

Okay here is your challenge for tonight thanks to Lexie!
There are two tonight for you to choose from, each has a separate prize, you can't combine the two challenges! You can enter each challenge if you wish. Challenges are to be sent to our email address on the side of the blog by 7.00pm Monday 24th Jan. A winner will be randomly chosen from the entries.

1. Sketch challenge: interpret anyway you like!
2. A colour challenge: colours allowed are black & white and an accent colour of your choice!

So have fun scrapping...


Becci Sundberg said...

Def do the sketch will have to see how I go for time for the colour

lizzyc said...

ooo thanks.... i hope this helps me find my mojo... the sketch looks fabulous... and i love black and white and one other idea too....hummmm.. i wonder where i left my mojo??? here mojo.. come out where ever you are???

Alanna said...

Unfortunately, I'm not going to get these done by Monday night. Work all day yesterday, and today, and uni all day tomorrow...

I like them though, and I'll still probably do them in my own time :)