Thursday, 20 January 2011

Having fun!!!

Movies were fun.....Yogi Bear is pretty funny.....not quite what we expected but good all the same!! Had friends meet us at the cinema so ended up a very large group of us seeing the movie together...was nice to catch up and just chat!!
Lots of cardstock arrived today girls....keep those orders coming in.....FIVE SHEETS FOR $2 IS A BARGAIN!! Okay time to downsize the family and take a couple of kids home!!! :D
Would you like a prize??? Just tell us what you guys have been doing lately....


Alanna said...

Well... where do I start? I handed up a uni assignment on Monday night, about 2 minutes before the online link closed :)

And since then I have been packing up my scrap stuff (and other belongings) to move back home after spending 2 months with my boyfriend while his family was overseas.

And of course, part time work at a lolly shop fits in.

Oh! And the most important thing... My Mum asked me to do the invites (and everything else!!) for her 50th birthday in March... and she wants the invites handed out early next week...! Lucky it's only a small intimate gathering of friends so there is only 20 or so to do.

Yup, that's about it I think!

Heddie said...

Just working, caring for my family, renovating a house in town, adding a room onto the cottage so my sister-in-law can come live with us, caring for my older brother who has had a stroke.. Mmmm yep been pretty busy, & a visit to the physio and ambulantary care clinic as well. A quick cuppa with my dear friend then back to the hills

Becci Sundberg said...

Gee Alanna that's gone quick!

Um lets see.....lots of hooking, been trying some new patterns, taht I can't wiat to show everyone
...planning some scrapping, get pics printed tomorrow ready to scrap for a few spares to print too...might be able to us eone tomorrow night, hint hint
......having lots of fun using the flash cards we got for the boys, we're teaching them their ABC's, 123's and colours for now
.....that's pretty much it!
Can't wait to get my cardstock!

lexie said...

Working procrastinating day to day stuff should be doing a few things for the market...coming to visit you later today

Kristal said...

Decluttering my house... boy does it really need it too lol... kids arent liking the downsizing of teh toy boxes but as eash day goes by and the piles of cluuter get smalle rI feel alot better in myself. Also means that soon Im going to have my scrap desk back inside WOOT