Monday, 7 February 2011

February's Sketch challenge!!

Hi girls.....Sarah is run off her feet at the moment so on her behalf, here is her sketch challenge for the month of February...these are the instructions for completing this challenge and being in the running to receive a great prize pack from us!!  Please read carefully as some things have changed!! :D
  • We would like to see a Valentines story of yours OR if you don't have one some special event from your life that signifies LOVE (parents wedding, your wedding, special dinner date etc)   You may need to trim your photo to actually fit your LO.
  • Your LO this month is to be a "*white or negative space" so you are to use no more than one third of your total cardstock area......this challenge is easier than you think!!  *SPECIAL NOTE: this is NOT a *minimalistic LO you may use as many products as you wish.
  • Your LO needs to have a hidden Journaling tag, its probably easiest to hide it behind the photo, but that are lots of other ways to incorporate it into your LO as well.  Please photograph this separately to your LO so we can see/read your story!!
  • Have fun, enjoy the challenge.....your photos need to be email to us by the 28th of Feb....
*Special note:
The difference between White or Negative space and Minimalistic styles are listed for you as these are often confused or put together as being the same thing:
  • Minimalistic style is just that....using a minimum of products on a page....normally about three products (pp x 1, embellishment (ribbon, button, flower, tag etc) x 1,  cardstock for photo and journaling tag and 1 sheet of cardstock or patterned paper for background).  
  • White space or negative space style.....a LO where you utilize only a small amount of your 12 x 12 space, normally between one quarter to one third of your total page area and there is NO limit on products used.
Looking forward to seeing what you lovely ladies create for us!!
Sarah and Kathie


Becci Sundberg said...

Great sketch. Love doing white space

Yvonne said...

Nice sketch!

lizzyc said...

this sounds great.. as one who finds it hard to leave blank areas on my page this is gunna test me heaps!! a good sketch to follow too.. must put on my desk for me to do this month!! hope you are having a great day..

lexie said...

this is going at the top of my list loooove a neg all time fav to do

Alanna said...

My blog has a LO I based on this sketch. It's not for the challenge because it doesn't meet the other criteria but it's still there for people to see :)