Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday challenge 4/2/2011

Hi girls.....Lexie has no internet.....the storm last night where she lives knocked it out......SOOOOOOO on that note.......your challenge tonight, from Lexie, is a MONOCHROMATIC layout.....
Monochromatic simply means "many shades of the one colour" so if you use blue.....use no other colours(no white or black etc) but blues if you use pink use no other colours but shades of pink etc......your photos can be coloured, black & white or shopped if you like or have loads of fun and lets have lots and lots of entries!!!!
oops.....I forgot to put that you need to email a photo of your lovely LO to us by around 7.00pm Monday 7th Feb. :D


Becci Sundberg said...

Ooo me likey! Will see how I go over the weekend, have lots of hooking to do before monday though

Kerry said...

This will be a challenge for me. Looking forward to getting started.