Friday, 25 February 2011

How's everything going??????.

winner from the "do you want more posts is 12 so can that person please email me your details.....

Now due to somebody using all of the download capacity for this month.....we are unable to get into our yahoo address to get mail...this means that all challenges (sketch & challenge packs) are unable to be processed until the 2nd of March grrrrrrrr SO please for this month only   send all your entries to: 

This is such a pain but nothing can be done.......let me say will not happen again.......this also applies to the Friday night challenges......if you don't see it up there....please email us and let us know, at above address.
Have a fantastic Friday ladies.....enjoy


jacque4u2c said...

Well that stinks! At least you have an alternative!

Nikki said...

congrat treens (if i read it right lol)
LOL who used it all????? hmmmm i wonder!?!?!?!

Katrina said...

OOOOOooooh looks like I was the lucky winner!!! Yay!! Kathie you should have my details by now haha :)