Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Does this have your name and address on it???

It could
if you leave a comment and email us you name and address
you can find the email address on the side bar
scraphappykat@yahoo.com.auWho do I post the Challenge packs too???

Please note that you must leave a comment and email your name and address to be eligible for one of the challenge packs

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday


Please DO NOT put your address up in your blog comment
Anybody has access to this blog and comments
thinking of your safety girls

You Must email your name and address to us to be in the running for a challenge pack
it makes it so much easier for us to mail out the packs
the email address is in the side bar that's on the left hand side of the blog

would very much appreciate if you could follow these instructions girls




Becci Sundberg said...

Ooooo yes please. I know you have my addy but will email it anyways

Jane said...

Me, me, me !!

Kristal said...

Im not sure how a challenge pack works but Ill comment anyways:D Have been busy and havent been around alot lately.

lexie said...

for those that are unsure of how the challenge packs work this is what you need to do
Leave a comment on the challenge pack blog post and then email us your name and address ( the email address is in the left hand side bar) you must email your name and address each month to be in the running (it makes it more efficient for getting the challenge packs out) please do not put your address up in the blog comment as anybody can access this blog and its comments
Hope this makes sense to you all

Melissa gillis said...

Where would you like me to email? Or is my address ok on here?

Nikki said...

i'd love a challenge pack :-)

lexie said...

For those of you that have your address in the comments please delete that comment leave another comment and then email your name and address...just thinking of your safty

Fran said...

Yay, new challenge packs, I would love a chance to get my grubby little hands on one, lol!

craftycherry said...

I hope im doing the right thing here.!! Ive got my blog address attached. Love your blog. i get lots of ideas from it.


Billie said...

All done Sweet Cheeks, I've love the last one. Hooray for you!!!

krissie said...

I'd love a chance too :) thanks!!

Athenie said...

LOve to have a go at a pack. Missed the last one and didn't get a chance to do last fridays challenge.Oh dear! Chris will pick up challenge pack if I am lucky enough to get one. Thanks Kathie and Lexie

linda said...

oooooooo i love challenge packs,