Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Flower Tutorial #2

 Some types of flowers just look great altered so here is what you will need:
Glimmer mist
Pritt or other good glue
Several flowers (same size)
1. take a flower and fold in half 
2. Glue one side and wrap flower over itself
3. You will end up with a rosette like this one below
 4. Split one side of a flower into the center and wrap the second flower around the outside of the first rosette and glue into place
5. Cut a slit in another flower and wrap around the outside of the first rosette,
I repeated this step a few times using 3 flowers in total, just adds a little bit of fullness to your flowers
6. snip the point off
7. Take your glue put some into the center of another(smaller) whole flower
8. Place your flower rosette onto the center of your whole flower, into the glue
then use another flower (the same size as the ones in the original rosette) glue that onto the bottom of the smaller flower and the rosette
9.  this is what your flower should look like (took me a few goes to get it perfected)
10.  Using your glimmer mist or other glittery spray, spray your flower for effect
11.  now leave this coating of glimmer mist to set for a few minutes and then.......
You can repeat steps 1 - 7...spray with a darker glimmer mist and stick into the side of the original flower......just like the one below!!
You can make several of these flowers and use them on a layout layering them with different flowers for a stunning effect!!  Particularity  good for using on canvas's. Have fun girls


lexie said...

brilliant tutorial Kathie oxo

Alanna said...

I might have to read it a little slower but I think I'm confused.

Is it possible to have some pictures with 3 different coloured layers, to make each step stand out more?

The end product looks gorgeous though :)

Kathie said...

I'll see what I can do Alanna!!
Once you have had a go and made one you will be right....it just takes a little practice :D

lizzyc said...

oh very nice.. makes the old kaiser flower much more pretty and fuller!!

Athenie said...


Becci Sundberg said...

I've seen these made before but not with such a good tute!!!
Will have to give these a go

linda said...

fantastic,gorgeous end result

Kathie said...

Thanks girls....thinking of putting them on this weeks lesson here!! What you say girls???? Then I guess I can put the LO up on the shop site as a KIT for those who didn't get here to purchase....

rachel said...