Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Step by Step LO

You will piece of cardstock
....4 co-ordinating pieces of P/P (I have use scraps left over from another project)
....One piece of ric rac 9 and a half inches (24cm) long
....some buttons
....a saucer to trace around
.....and some Alphas for the title
....double sided tape and glue

step one
trace around the saucer and cut out
ink around the edge

step two
cut one piece of P/P 4 and three quarter inches x 9 and a quarter inches (12cm x 23cm)
cut another piece of P/P 7 and a quarter inches x 2 and a half inches (18cm x 6cm)
tear along one long edge
cut the last piece of P/P 5 and a half inches x three quarters of an inch (14cm x 2cm)
ink all edges

step three
cut 1 circle approx 1 and a quarter inches (3cm) in diameter
cut 2 circles approx 1 and a half inches (4cm) in diameter
cut 1 circle approx 2 inches (5cm) in diameter
cut 2 thin strips approx 4 inches (10cm) and 2 and a half inches (6 and a half cm)
cut 2 small leaves (one a little larger than the other)
ink around all the edges

step four
scrunch up the 4 circles

and flatten them out

step five
place the P/P on the cardstock
to look like this

step six
place your photo on the P/P

step seven
place the ric rac approx half an inch (1cm) below the photo

step eight
place the thin strips scrunched up circles and leaves on the right edge of your photo to create the flowers add buttons to create flower centres
place the a button on the left hand side of the ric rac

add your title and draw little lines around the edge of the cardstock to create a stitched look
you can add some journaling if you wish

You have now completed your LO

Hope you enjoy doing this



Kathie said...

Love it Lexie....what a great idea!!

linda said...

you make it soooo easy lexie

Alanna said...

Is this the challenge for this week, or isn't there one? Love the LO design though and will definitely be giving it a go.

lexie said...

No Challenge this week.....just a step by step LO that you can do if you wish

lexie said...

If you do choose to do this Alanna you could put it up on your blog and leave a comment letting us know that its up on your blog and we could hop over and leave you some love...oxo

Sharynne said...

Great idea Lexie.. Will try and give this one ago!!

lizzyc said...

WOW!! HOW FABULOUS THIS IS!! great step by step! the end result is gorgeous!!

Nikki said...

love the LO lexie :-)

Kerry said...

How great is that! Thanks will give it ago today.

Anonymous said...

I love it, plain and simple text for anyone to follow, even me!!!! I think I am just going to have to do this 1. Thank you. Rosemary.

Athenie said...

really good! love how simple this page is and how great it looks