Saturday, 16 April 2011

Flower tutorial #3

 Here is an easy flower tutorial for you girls today....I have used slightly different colours so you can see more easily this time!!
Things you will need: Pritt glue x 6 flowers
 fold the 4 middle flowers in half
 then fold into quarters
 this is what you should have after folding the four flowers
 on the flower you choose for the bottom, use a good dob of glue
 place the 4 flowers, points meeting in the center of the bottom flower for layered effect
 last folded flower going in........
 this is what you will end up with with 5 flowers....but then....
 fold another flower into quarters and....
 place in the center on top of 4 folded extra fullness
 All done!!  Looking great....
Enjoy making these....they are easy and quick to can use any flowers including the really small 2cm flowers.....great if you just want something different...these are great when used on a canvas or off the page project too!!


Alanna said...

Oooh awesome tute Kathie!! Love this :)

Kylie's Creative Place said...

Wow, thats a great tutorial Kathie.
I will definately have to try this.
I am loving these tutorials and learning so much.
Thanks again Kathie
Have a great weekend

lexie said...

Love it.... so easy once you know how

Ruki said...

thanks a lot! what a lovely flower!

lizzyc said...

this is a fantastic way of using those dozens of packets of kaiser flowers i have in my stash!!

Marelize said...

Thank you for this awesome tutorial Kathie! I can't wait to try in out.
Have a great Sunday! xox

rachel said...

Wow, thats a great!!! Thank You!!!!:)

Kerri said...

thanks for the cool tutorial!
love making my own flowers, and will be giving these ago!
thanks Kathie!