Monday, 11 April 2011

A Step by Step LO #4 Negative Space

You will need
A piece of paper 15cm square
( this is a template)
1 piece of cardstock
P/P scraps
(I have used flowers leaves and a cute button)

# Step 1
Place your template on the cardstock
lightly trace around the template
This is the space we will be working in

# Step 2
cut 2 pieces of P/P
1 11cm x 7cm tear along the long edge
and the other 8cm x 13 cm tear along the long edge
cut a piece of lace 15cm

# Step 3
Stick down the lace

# Step 4
Stick your P/P down
to look like this

#Step 5
trim your photo
and stick down
rub out any visible pencil lines

# Step 6
Add your embellishments and Title
and you are done

Negative space LO's are really quick and easy to do
and a great way to use up scraps
all you have to remember is to work in that 15cm square

Have fun creating this one and trying some of your own



lizzyc said...

ahhh this is lovely! i have trouble with neg space layouts.. always feel they aren't finished!! i gota walk away before i stick more on the page!!

Kathie said...

love it Lexie!!!

Alanna said...

Love the idea of using the 15cm template. I have done a few neg space LOs but I'm not that great at them. I always want to add more!

Kerry said...

Looks great and love the template too. I also want to put on more.

Kathie said...

Negative space just means leaving lots of can put as many embellishments as you want....
You girls are thinking of minimalistic style which is different again....usually only uses one embellishment and one patterned paper, I sheet card stock.... lots of people get the two mixed up....

lexie said...

Thanks for that explanation Kathie
I have been doing the step by steps very basic so that you get the idea of how that particular style of LO works.You can always add more embellishments to the LO's...I would really love to see your pages you have done using the step by steps so if you have a blog please put them up and leave a comment on this blog saying that you have done one so that I can have a look see and leave some love...oxo

lizzyc said...

yeah i think i do get them mixed up!!maybe i should fold my cardstock into quarters and use one quarter and put as much stuff on that as i can and unfold.... and then i have neg space!!haha!!

Kathie said...

Oh Lizzy that is funny....but may just work for you....I love them but don't often do them....

Maree said...

I have done this LO..Thanks so much for a great challenge I will post it on to my blog in a minute.

Nikki said...

awesome Lexie!