Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello chickies!!!

Hello everybody!!  How is your week shaping up???  I will be loading up inks and cricut blades and various other things into the shop this afternoon.....so have a look see, you may decide you need something after all....new kits will be added by the end of the week as well!!

Please girls can you send/resend your challenge packs to our YAHOO address....there has been a bit of a mix up, my fault for not communicating clearly send them HERE Silly me....Oh and just a reminder that we are not able to put up the new packs until we have the ones from last month back!! :):) :):)

Well that is about it for today.....
Enjoy your sunny day today ladies....

1 comment:

lexie said...

Oh Kathie you are way too Kind....love you to bits...oxo