Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo again!!

Howdy are we all going today?? Have you all had an enjoyable weekend???  We have had a flat out one here.....but been good all the same....
Really enjoyed Saturday with the craft class here for kids.....great to be able to have a bunch of children all enjoying making a mess and playing nicely :)
Well looking like a busy week coming up this have a fun week everybody...enjoy your family!! :)


Sarah said...

We have had a busy yesterday..... had a 1 yo birthday party yesterday in Crazyburn ooops, sorry, Craigieburn and then over to Sth Morang to get a pair of runners and then up to Wallan to drop in on an old friend (that turned into a late one). Cookie off to work today and I'm here trying to get the washing dry - it was so nice this morning at 7am when I went for a walk! I had grand plans of getting all the washing done and dry.... oh well, thems are the breaks..... I am supposed to be studying now, but the blog seems much more interesting!

lexie said...

netball, a bit of housework and some creating yesterday today up with the birds to spend a long wet cold day at the market, paid for the privilege but it was good to catch up with some traders that only come every couple of weeks and a few market regulars....had a nanna nap and now on here (should be ironing the girls uniforms and shirts for Chris) Oh and poking you....oxo