Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It Freezing out there......

................so let us warm you up with a nice 
sunny yellow/orange 
pack as a lovely prize for somebody....its been a amazing day....the sun shone all day long and it was nice and warm....suddenly the sun has gone down and its FREEZING......stoke up the fires, shut out the world....its hot soup and toast time!!


Nikki said...

wow noone wants a prize hey!!

Heddie said...

Its been a lovely day up here, had one of those stay in my pj's till late days. Working of my LO for the challenge - almost got it done:) silly Australia Post keeping my pack for almost 3 weeks.... LOOOve orange/yellow papers

Marelle said...

Hi everyone
The sunset was orange tonight with a pink hue
just gorgeous!
chilly billy outside now though


Tina said...

Beautiful sunset tonight after the storm.

linda said...

well i've had a busy day,enjoyed some of that lovely sun,washing out to dry,but was home to late to get it in before the cold air got it,oh well better luck next time

Athenie said...

Hi Kathie,
Would love some sunny yellow and glorious orange - would make me feel that summer is just around the corner!

krissie said...

Soup sounds good Kathie- was that an invite??!!


Alanna said...

I hate winter :( Would love a nice bright pack to warm me up ;)