Monday, 2 May 2011

A quick request...from me to you!!

Kaiser Design Team submission
 check out the link above to have a peek!!
Please join my new Kaiser blog.....if you'd like to!! :)
Okay they are up girls....I just made the deadline :O oh my gosh to close for comfort!!!  Been a big day here and my camera had a melt down right in the middle of taking the photos yesterday....anyway finally managed to get them all photographed tonight....that is what the holdup was along with the materials lists....thanks to those who joined the new blog...and a big thanks for your girls are totally amazing..thank you!!
Love Kathie


Heddie said...

Well done Kathie, fingers crossed they will like your creations as much as we do. xx

Kathie said...

Thanks Heather....I don't mind if I don't get was nice to be able to do an entry for it....I enjoyed doing the projects :)