Saturday, 14 May 2011

Post outs

Hi all,
Hoping that we got everybody in the post-outs this time......PLEASE if we have missed you email will know this as you won't have your parcel by the end of next week!!  Are there any of you awaiting a GIFT VOUCHER from our shop??  If yes, have you signed up as a member so we can send you your voucher???  Send us an email if you have been missed!!! 
We really appreciate your visiting us here, your comments add sunshine to our day.....they brighten us up and let us know that you like (or not) what we do here!!  So just because we love you all so much today....we are having a $10 voucher up for grabs.... :) just tell us what else you would like to see here, eg. more tutorials, kits, product how to's (how to use) or anything else that is relevant to who we are here and what we do....
Kathie & the DT Kitties


SkrapPrincess said...

Afternoon ladies! I would like to learn more about inking, distressing and grunging it up a bit.
Thanks, have a great weekend.

linda said...

I'm with scrapPrincess,i would like to learn about that to
enjoy tour weekend

Nikki said...

lol girls sounds like my department hey kathie hahahaha.
Good to c ur up and running again.
oh well off i go again flat out day here!!!!!!