Monday, 9 May 2011

Who would like a challenge pack????

Email your name and address to
with May Challenge Pack in the subject line
You have until 12noon Tuesday to get your name and address to us
Packs will be going postal Tuesday afternoon

Good Luck



Nikki said...

ooooo challenge packs, gotta love them :)

Kathie said...

These ones are totally guys better act quicksmart!! Or they will be all gone

craftycherry said...

cheers from here to there. Id love a cahllenge pack!!! It would make me so cheerful. I bid you Cheerio from craftychcerry.

Heddie said...

Well I would like to be in the draw if that's ok.

linda said...

I've sent my email in,
cross fingers for me lol

Billie said...

Oh drats, I've left my run a bit late. Have fun with the packs ladies.