Thursday, 9 June 2011

Brrrrrrrr and double Brrrrrrrr

it's freezing here and the forecast is no better for tomorrow
although it is going to be a tiny bit warmer 1 degree!!
so we will have a top of 13 instead of 12
 Hope its not a frost again!!! 
not a fan of having to wash frost off the car
Thinking I may have to make a big pot of vege soup tomorrow to help keep warm
What do you do to keep warm on these chilly days??
Tell us what you do and you maybe the lucky one that wins some
Scrap goodies


Kerry said...

I hate winter!!! But today I played tennis and it was great running around in the sun in a T- shirt, which didn't last long when I got off the court. Nearly every other day I'm COLD.

Alanna said...

I HATE winter. I can never wawrm up! Stupid stupid winter. Nothing I do seems to help me warm up... but today, it was so cold in my house and I couldn't get warm so I just went round to my boyfriend's house (it always seems warmer there) and snuggled up in his bed whilst he studied at his desk!

But I do love some icy white goodies to scrap with ;)

krissie said...

I LOVE winter!!! Everything is sooo fresh!! You get to snuggle, drink ridiculous amounts of tea, and it's perfectly reasonable to leave the house in Ugg boots. Or is that just me... ;)


linda said...

I crank up the coonara,just the look of a fire seems to warm me.The other thing i hate about winter is that the house looks like a chinese laundymat,clothes hanging around trying to get dry

thinking warm thoughts LOL

LisaL79 said...

no thanks! I want some firey colours, reds browns and oranges to warm up my day!

Athenie said...

Have started to drink hot water to warm me up but I absolutely adore winter - if I had snow at my front door I would be in heaven!! Icy whites would definitely make me happy!

Jane said...

The heater and I become very good friends in winter and my electric blanket is much loved. I always think you feel more alive in winter (my fingers and toes may disagree with me).

Heddie said...

Hello Lexie,
We have the old stove cranked up 24/7 which helps keep the house nice and warm. Also doubles as a slow cooker for soup and chunky stews, hot scones and yummy dumplings...

lizzyc said...

well i could easily be a bear and sleep all through winter, but seeing as i am not.. i just put layers on.. layers and layers.. and we have a wood fire in our house and it really keeps the house warm.. it is near a brick wall and when those bricks get warm it keeps the heat in...lots of warm soups and cuppa tea...and grin an bear it!!haha!!