Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm home!!!!

Hello everybody!!!  I'm home thankfully, after more than a 3 hour delay at the airport in Perth.....don't know if I'll ever fly Tiger Air again.....BUT I must say that at least my flight got here.....must have been about the last one to land at Melbourne as the airport is now shut down due to ash in the atmosphere......Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.....oh and guess what?????  While I was away the beautiful laser cut chippie for our retreat arrived from R W Laser cuts.....I'm gobsmacked....they are gorgeous....they sure are stunning...thanks Kathy!!!


linda said...

welcome home kathie hope you had a great time xoxo

lexie said...

welcome home gorgeous....will catch up later....oxo

Jane said...

Glad you are back safe and sound - you know I haven't heard a single good thing said about Tiger Airlines - always late, cancels flights, misses connections etc etc. Guess they are cheap for a reason!

Kerry said...

Welcome back. I have missed your little blog entries but Lexie has done a great job.

Kathie said...

Thanks girls....I did have some internet when I went to my brothers....BUT I couldn't sign in to the blog....just incase you were wondering how or why I posted under Anonymous instead of me!!! How time I'm taking my lappy with me :)