Thursday, 23 June 2011

Life is like that!!

...........................yes it is......some times the going is really hard and other times its plain sailing.....but you know something???  That's what makes life life and grows us as next time your going through a bad patch remember its just the rain to make you grow!! 
So today on a coldish grey day who would like a little surprise pack in the mail next week????  (post outs of prizes will happen this afternoon girls) Maybe something special?????  Well leave us a comment and tell us what colour your day is today!


lexie said...

There's always a silver lining...sometimes it's hard to see right away because we are fighting our way through the fog....may your day be sunshiny bright beautiful lady...oxo

Pauly said...

Black!! No power at home today, can't do my accounts before I go to my other job..... Might just go down and treat myself to some brekkie!!!

Alanna said...

I woke up around 10ish this morning which was just in time to catch a glimpse of the beautiful misty skies :) Was gorgeous!

My day will brighten up soon though because I'm heading off to catch up with two of my girlfriends for lunch and then it'll be an afternoon of BTP work for me - got some projects in the midst :)

Heddie said...

Half way through the day - clients are happy, staff are happy, volunteers and laughing so all in all a good day here at Gilburn...Grey and dreary outside but lot of love inside..
Have a happy day everyone.
Love to you & yours

Becci Sundberg said...

I'd have to say a bright sunny yellow!
Not that the weather is like that but I managed some awesome buys today. Some cheap Cars 2 cutlery and plastic wares for the boys super cheap, then some crocheted goodness at Goodwill!

Paula said...

Haha how true is's a great way to look at life!
My day was warm & glowing yellow...hehe as I was in our yellow kitchen enjoying the sun while cleaning & baking in it!
Hope your day was bright!

Shirley-anne said...

Hi Kathie .Every day I wake up and Hubby is still with me is a sunny , bright day . Every night as I chat to Daughter on line is a warm love filled star studded night , a beautiful end to a wonderful day . Sound soppy ? I suppose it might but maybe that comes from old age and not taking the day for granted .

LisaL79 said...

balck...... the battery in the car died, then the one in my phone before I could get help for the one in my car, then I had to rush the baby to emergency with full blown allergic reaction! TFGIF!

Kathie said...

oh that is not good to hear everything okay?? take care.
Love Kathie