Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Well now!!!

......................what a stunning day we have here in Seymour today!!!!  To celebrate we have a 
multi colour pack  
to give away to somebody who leaves a comment for us....may your day be sunny and bright with lots of twinklings, glitter and hugs for you!!


Kristal said...

It is wet drizzling and raining here again today :( BUT im happy to think sunny happy thoughts :D

Heddie said...

Yep stunning here as well. Had an early start - call from the dentist yes we can fit you in this morning at 8:50 so up and at it- Tooth all fixed picked up by brother and get to work in time for lunch. The staff have everything sorted cha!! bang !!!!
Great day

Kerry said...

Yes lovely sunshine here too. I still say bring on summer. I see all the bulbs are shooting, can't wait to see all the flowers.

Lisa K said...

It started out miserable here but getting brighter as the day goes on!! Just popped in and saw Tracey too!!

Alanna said...

I am loving that the sun is popping out again - just gorgeous! I sat in the sun for a little bit this afternoon after work but the slight breeze is still a nuisance so it's back inside for me - scrapping time!!

Vicki said...

We have had a couple of beautiful days here, but its meant to turn nasty again over the next few days! :( We have been out in the garden trying to clean up all the overgrown jungle that was left for us!! :)

Corrina said...

Enjoying the rain that has finally decided to come to WA - all the rain dance parties have finally worked :)

linda said...

Hello everyone, well its better late than never to leave a comment LOL
it started off a bit chilly but got sooo much better as the day went on,it was an early rise for me as had an appointment at the shepp hospital(all is good just keeping an eye on my problem)

luv to all xoxo