Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What cha up ta????

Yeppie was a very cold morning now housework has been done...almost got a home that looks like my place.....sigh....these boys just didn't get it right...... :( lots of extra work for me to do!! 
Well that is that end of the day done now I have cooking to do and a meeting to attend, lots of little odds and ends to do......before I can start kids class to do for a DT commitment to do and my ATC's as well...can't upset Pauly :D ............................
Tell us what your up to today.....maybe we could have a little giveaway of a red pack for make it interesting!!!


Alanna said...

Brr indeed... it's freezing here in Adelaide. The sun is shining a LITTLE bit but it's certainly not warming anything up! :(

I've got a day off work today so I'm planning on doing some scrapping :)

Becci Sundberg said...

We had our house inspection this morning so was up making sure everything was just right. Brian was home today too so he helped.
I also baked two whole orange cakes (recipe from an awesome forum), one to take to our morning playdate and cuppa at a friends house, the other for us.
Bundled the boys up in the car with lots of spare clothes. They always managed to get dirty and wet at Jos house.
Had our playdate, don't you know it, the boys stayed clean and dry!
Hope to have lunch and put the boys down for their naps!
I'll be scrapping this arvo and hooking tonight.
Chow Mein for dinner.
Have a great day!

Billie said...

I'm sitting at the hairdressers with my little man asleep in his RED pram lol. Jay and Rani are at crèche so will be off to pick them uP soon.

Kerry said...

I've been on my blog loading this months challenge LO. Haven't long finished and a knock at the door it is this months challenge pack PINK. Now the brain is at work thinking of what to do.

HarmonySweetpea said...

Hello, not so cold here in Brissie but starting to cool down a bit now. I've just finished off a DT requirement... a canvas. Love it and its already hanging on my wall. Now thinking about having a relaxing bubble bath and reading a book since I don't often have weekdays of work. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Shazza said...

Its freezing in Melbourne, day off work and have spent most of the day in doors. We finally got around to registering our doggie 'duke' ....better late than never :)
Big clean up around the house and getting ready for my class tomorrow night....what are we making? Bride and Groom Halloween plushies...I know its not October 31st lol five ladies are joining in woohoo!!

linda said...

The day hasn't been toooo bad here for me,off to the gym this morning,get home to find the postie had left me a pressie(thanks lexie) lovely pink.Picked up my new glasses (can see much better now LOL)next you know its time to get tea, chow time bye for now xoxo

Trudi Harrison said...

Wasn't any warmer here either and I think it may have been a touch colder here than at yours LOL!!

LisaL79 said...

I took my boys to playgroup this morning, then off to the shops to restock the cupboards.... i guess it served me right for spending my pay on flights back home rather than food. I got home and had a 2 hour nana nap with my boys cuddling me in bed. Then i went bingo and won $30! so I've had a very good day!

Anonymous said...

well iv been very busy... finished my exams for uni *fingers crossed* i did well... moved into my new place so lots n lots of unpacking to do and cleaning!! as well as working my but off. might have to work a bit harder lol i got my new fridge delivered and my freezer is overflowing to the point i had to cook some of the food lols. Trinity loves it.. lol right at this very moment shes sqeeling at her reflection in it (stainless) so funny!!