Friday, 15 July 2011


Tonight's challenge is a colour challenge

This is the colour palette you are to use

you may use black for your title and or journaling  (if you chose to journal) 

you must have  2 or more handmade embellishments  

and at least 5 of these
#some ribbon 
#ric rac
# buttons 
#kiny glitz 
#stitching (machine faux or hand stitched)
you can use all of these if you like

You can do  LO Card or OTP

email your entry to
by midnight Tuesday
didn't get my example finished today 
so you will have to wait until tomorrow to see it

Happy Scrappin'


Athenie said...

WOW!!!! Really have to plan this one - should be fun!!!!!

Kerry said...

Yes it is different. Nothing like a good challenge. Putting my thinking cap on now. Here I go.

Kathie said...

wow.....awesome challenge Lexie!!! Lovin' it!!!

Heddie said...

Geeez!! Lexie talk about a challenge
Mmmmm need the thinking cap on for this one. Well done Indeed!!!!!

Sharynne said...

Well Lexie.. You really have pulled something amazing out of your bag of tricks this time! Great Challenge though... Will put my thinking cap on but cant promise I will get it done in time.

Alanna said...

Great challenge Lexie!! Thinking cap is on but I think these colours might work with a card I was planning on making this weekend :) It's fitting those 5 criteria that might be a bit tough...

Alanna said...

Does it have to be handmade by us Lexie?

lexie said...

preferably Alanna ... but how would we know????

Alanna said...

This is true ;) Maybe I'll do one of each ;)

krissie said...

Fun Challenge- Thanks!!!