Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who wants a prize?????

Some gorgeous glitter papers???????  You up for it??? Leave us a comment.....your in the running....



Athenie said...

Glitter, glitter, you're a star
A giver of great gifts you are
to make us scrap to a level high
as pretty as a sunny sky
Glitter, glitter, you're a star!!!

Marelle said...

ooohh glitter glitter how I love thee
maybe I will scrap a glitter tree
if I win, I will make one for thee and one for Kathieeeeeexxxxx

rachel said...

Yes, glitter is a star!!!:)


linda said...

OOOOOoooooooooo I love prizes tooo
Glitter papers what fun could be had

Heddie said...

I searched high
I searched low
Where my glitter pages went I do not know....
Pretty Please put my name in the draw.. did the last 'All that Giltters' ATC with scraps Oh woe is me xxxxx

princessbeccie said...


Alanna said...

Looks like everyone loves some glitter :) You can add me to the list!! :)