Friday, 19 August 2011


 Here is my example

Yep I really did use orange and background paper has white in it so I went with white alphas....I'm pretty happy with this LO actually....used the stars and circles due to Angela's play date for the day was her friend Dylan!!

Okay girls.....tonight's challenge is this:

use one of these sets of colours
  • blue and white
  • red and black
  • orange and yellow
  • pink and green
use one lot of embellishments:
  • flowers and ribbons
  • stars and circles
  • buttons and bows
  • chipboard frame
then add a title
if you have chosen blue and white.....
  • try orange or yellow 
if you have chosen red and black
  • try blue or white
I'm sure you get the idea!!  I will put up an example later for you when time permits as I have grandchildren here at the moment


Shazza said...

mmmmmmm A Very interesting challenge...Will have to think a bit on this one!

lexie said...

love this challenge but I'm busy finishing canvases for the Kids Market tomorrow... might have a crack at it Sunday after I get home from the show grounds market Love a weekend with 2 markets NOT!!!!!

leeanne said...

Im hoping to get this challenge done over the next few days if i can get my homework done

leeanne said...

With the one lot of embellishments can they be any color or is that a set color?
and also with the one lot you choose is there a set amount with how many u use on the page?

Kathie said...

Hi Leeanne...I put up an example...BUT its always open to your own interpretation.....have a go at doing it the way you think you'd like to do it.....just have fun with your scrapping, don't get worried by the I must's or must not's!!! I will be happy to see any LO you can produce....your doing very well with your scrapping so just go for it!!! :)
Does that help????