Friday, 26 August 2011


It's MESSY!!! and it's loads of FUN!!!
It doesn't really have to be messy but when I get paint out I love to get messy

For tonights challenge you are to use the colours
(I know they are not colours, they are shades)
and an accent colour of your choosing
and there is to be PAINT it can be as little or as much as you like
there are no other restrictions

This is my example

for those of you that haven't used paint very much this is a fantastic way to start as you really cannot make a mistake the messier the better it looks
I have used black and white paint on grey cardstock
I slapped a bit of black around and then high lighted with white
The circles are created by using the rim of a glass and I have stamped a few butterflies

Have fun girls and remember the 
the better

please email your entries to
by midnight Tuesday


Kathie said...

Well I love it Miss Lexie....but not able to even have a go this week...
So come on gals show me what you can do!!!

leeanne said...

did u wait for the black paint to dry before putting the white on or while it was wet

lexie said...

yes Leeanne I did wait for it to dry but it only takes a few minutes as long as you don't have the paint to thick

Shazza said...

Better hunt out the JO Sonya's.....mmmmm I think I will go with the spattering technique :)

Rita Barakat said...

Love this lo and challenge! SOOO fun!

Heddie said...

I don't do messy very well-I can hear you laughing LOL you know I hate yucky fingers. I will give it a go though :).xx

lexie said...

Yay Heddie!!!! you can always put gloves