Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hello ............... are you all going?  Weekend good, live up to expectations for you?  So what did you get up to????  Dying to hear what you did or didn't do!!!  Slowly the scrap room is looking more like a scrap room...hopefully by next Friday it will look a whole lot different.....going to book my tickets for WA tomorrow, going home to see mum for her birthday!!  Always nice to see your mum, especially when she lives soooooooooooooo far away from you......

How would you like the opportunity to win a little mixed gift pack????
****By Tuesday you should all have your orders from the store including all prizes that are owing, if you haven't received your goods, let us know please as we diligently we went through and posted everything that was due to you lovely gals that support us.....****


Heddie said...

Hello Kathie
We have had a very busy weekend, Kara gota little puppy. We finished some painting on the outside walls of our reno. Mangaged to get the washing out and in.LOL well that 's about all.
Not very exciting :)

leeanne said...

Hello Kathie
I had a busy weekend doing some studying and doing a few scrap booking page.
how was you weekend

Lizzyc said...

HI.. i have had a quiet one as my DD has been sick.. just a virus the doctor has said.. so i have had a quiet one too!! hope you have a lovely time visiting your mum... take care..xx

Shazza said...

Quiet weekend here Kat! Housework and scrapping :)
How nice for you to visit your mum on her birthday.
My son lives in WA, I'm hoping to see him later in the year.

LisaL79 said...

I'm off to WA in november myself. I got through ALOT of my scraps and made about 100 cards and tags. So much for packing!

Athenie said...

Hi Kathie,
Thanks for my prize parcel - looking forward to using the bits.

had a good weekend with trampolning competitions and lots of social interactions. Lovely time!

Tina said...

Hi, Had a busy weekend with DD's dance eisteddfods at the Gold Coast all weekend. They did well, so made it all worth it.