Friday, 5 August 2011

Our First August FNC!!

Hi is your sketch for tonight!!
(didn't scan very well)
  forgot to say: please have your completed sketch photographed and emailed to us by Tuesday 12.00
Email here 
Okay the only requirement for tonight is can use only 2 colours black and yellow, green and pink, orange and purple..whatever you like....any variations of the same colours is fine, so you may choose blue and pink and use several shades of each girls go to it!!  Have fun


Kerry said...

Looking good. Like the 2 colour part too.

leeanne said...

I might try and see if i can give it a go over then next few days

Shazza said...

Hi Kat!

Woohoo! I have my entry finished for your FNC...Yes!.....this is the first one I have entered.
As soon as I have a chance to photograph my page, I will send to your email address.

leeanne said...

next time ill have to try didn't quite get it finished in time