Monday, 29 August 2011

We made it!!!!!

Yes we did......apart from an amazing feat of coming 100km on an almost empty tank of fuel 655.8 kms on one tank of fuel from Adelaide to Bendigo and my little Vector still had around 13 liters left in the tank....but I wasn't taking any chances....
Well we are pretty tired, Gillian has been sick since Saturday night...oh yeah that was fun coming home with a sick kid in the car.....poor Gillie, we really felt for her....we even debated if we should stay the extra day....
Oh yes and Lexie you almost got a call to ask if Chris was home incase we needed somebody to bring us some fuel.....nice to have friends along the way!!!
Well that is it for now.....will be back later!!


Vicki said...

Welcome home Kathie! Good to hear you had a good trip!

We are home too!! Came home with Emma yesterday and are pretty exhausted, but are keeping a low profile and just lazing/resting at home today!! I am having some time out the moment while Daddy has some quality bubby cuddles!! Bj is enjoying some cuddles too!! :)

Heddie said...

Welcome home, sorry Gillie is not feeling the best.