Friday, 16 September 2011

Anybody wanting a FNC tonight?????

...............are you girls wanting a FNC???  Yes???  Maybe????  The unthinkable, No even???  Now I will be in the air tonight and frantic all day with packing and cleaning so Pete and the girls have food, a clean home and little or no washing to do (well apart from the fact that Gillie is home from Canberra this evening-sure she has heaps of dirty clothes) NOW I'm sure that if you ask Miss Lexie nicely....she will MAYBE do a FNC for you lovely ladies.... Goodness knows what that little DT Kitty Miss Lexie will get up to while I'm never knows :O


Country@heart78 said...

Oh I hope so have just found the blog and my sister and I are going to scrap the holidays Have a great time in Perth..

Shuzzie said...

I hope so too pretty please because I'm going to my sister's (above) in the morning for holidays & we are looking forward to it. Pretty Please Miss Lexie

Heddie said...

Load it up Lexie we are ready to go!!!
Kathie - Have a nice time visiting your mum & catching up with friends.
See you when you get

Kerry said...

YES please. It is great to get the brain thinking of new ideas.

lexie said...

Keep your shirt on Heddie working on the example now, waiting for paint to dry so I can put it together

Kathie said...

hahahaa all you lovely ladies crack me up :) see you all on the flip side
Love to you all