Friday, 23 September 2011


Hi time here in WA draws to a close.......tomorrow night I'll be jetting home again....have I missed Victoria???  Well I have certainly missed my hubby, family and all my friends BUT I didn't miss the weather coz yours was better than any we had here!!!  It's been overcaste, raining and not so warm here since I arrived......oh well....just as well Lexie didn't come with me hey!!! 
I have met some gorgeous gals while here, Marcia Pringle (Lollie pop ladies), Tanya Tihar, Marelize Frisby and of course Chris W......all gorgeous girls whom I enjoyed the company of.....thanks ladies!  Next time I'm planning a trip me thinks it shall have to include the little girls.....they would be sure to enjoy it......oh and I forgot to tell you all that Mum, Tammy(sister in law) and myself went to sizzlers for lunch, well Mum and I had Tammy in hysterics......I haven't ever seen Tammy laugh so glad you had fun Tammy :) coz I sure did!!
Well today I'm off for lunch with some of mums cousin's.  Two of these lovely ladies I have not seen since I was a baby....boy oh boy that was a very long time ago!!!! Have a great day girls.....
don't get up to any mischief will you?????


lexie said...

No time for mischief today...way too much to get glad you are having a great time...oxo

Heddie said...

Enjoy your last days of holiday fun, we all look forward to seeing you home in Vic xxxxx