Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not the start

to the day I had planned!!
Got up and the dog wanted to go out, nothing unusual about that, but this morning she decides to take herself off for a walk. GRRR!! Do I go looking for her or do I let her come home when she is ready??
It's cold and starting to rain so the second option is what I chose
Put coffee pot on me thinks, all will be much better when I have a coffee
Now while coffees brewing check emails
Open up my email program and every thing is upside down have no idea how to fix it, still getting emails just have to remember to check the bottom of the page and not the top for new ones. GRRR!!
Go to get a nice hot coffee, that will make me feel better
Had forgotten to switch on coffee pot!!!
Coffee pot switched on now
Thought to myself jump on the blog and be a naughty Kitty and do a give away
Miss Kathie had beat me to it
and to top it all off the weather is cold and miserable again 
I was being clever and got a couple of loads of washing done last night so that I could get it on the line early
that's  not happening, redecorating the house in the style of Chinese Laundry today
Please Mother Nature bring back the lovely Spring weather
Things never seem so bad when the sun is shining

We have some lovely LO's from the FNC that I wanted to share with you but that will have to wait for a bit as when I try to put them up I am getting program not responding
GRRR!!! again

Time to call the Kids and get that much needed COFFEE!!!
 I have decide I will still do a give away
Leave a comment and tell me how your day started and one lucky lady will get some of my hand made embellishments
That's made me feel a little better 
 Don't forget to leave a comment on the post below to have a chance at winning one of Scraphappy Kats awesome give aways
 2 chances to win today girls
Hope your day started better than mine



Shuzzie said...

Absolutely Wonderful. I am out at my sisters scrapping up a storm and for the first time in 3mnths my life feels good.I am ready to take the next step and start life as a single mum and I know i can do it.. So today is the start of my new life..

Kathie said...

Hello Lexie.....since I arrived here in WA its been rather cool and morning so far has consisted of getting out of bed and turning the computer on!!! Not a bad start to the day at all.....I'm sure that your day will improve hunnie..
Love Kathie

leeanne said...

hello Lexie
Sounds like your day hasent got off to the best hope it starts to get better in the day, sounds like my day yesterday.
well today if im Lucky ill get some scrap booking done after Ive done my school work

LisaL79 said...

Ughh, I feel for you Lexie. I had NO coffee to put in my coffee machine, the oldest's school bag broke on the way outthe door AND the carpet cleaners are apparently goin to clean the carpets AFTER I hand the keys back. Sun shining here but my day is not........

krissie said...

My day started with a SLEEP IN!!! I love having my mother in law visit :) :) :) Hope your day gets better xoxo

Heddie said...

Dear oh Dear Lexie - what a dreadful start to your day. It could only get better. I am sure you enjoyed that coffee.
I was up early, got breaky ready for my house guests and then headed off to Shepparton for a Dr's visit.

Colleen B. said...

Oh dear what a day for you :( Mine started pretty normal and has stayed that way the whole day but off to the vets now to get my kitty's drains taken out so hoping we have some good news to end the day!

Shazza said...

Lol Lexie! you should have stayed in bed :)
We are in the middle of stocktake preparation at my Bunnings store.....its been a long day!
Hope everyone is well!

Kerry said...

Hi Lexie hope the day has improved. I have had my girlfriend over and we have been scrapbooking. I have been teaching her a few new techniques. I hope tomorrow starts out better.

tayla law said...

my day has been great I scrapped alittle with my mum and aunty and then we went grocery shopping and mum got some more photos printed.

Jane said...

Sounds like mine has been much better than yours Lexie but it has been really windy - like gale force windy and there is a lot of smoke in the air. I've had a headache all day which is typical for me with smoke.

Becci Sundberg said...

Not sure you'll want details of how my day started, but let just say it was with a smile :)