Friday, 14 October 2011


Okay here it is....I'm so sorry...we have family here and I just plum forgot to put it up!!!

So the only rule this week is:
Make it colourful please!!!


Athenie said...

Thanks Kathie.
Sorry I missed your Borthday - hope it was a good one!
Since you now copyright your LO I can't print them off to do them - is there any way to rpint them that you know of?
Have a warm weekend!

Athenie said...

Just saw your reply - that is how i normally get the image but that is no longer working since you have copyright on your images.
Is anyone else having issues printing off??????

lexie said...

Do what I do Athenie I draw a quick sketch of the challenge and write down any instructions

leeanne said...

So it can be set out anyway as long as its colorful?