Saturday, 12 November 2011

A question for you......

.......hello there!!!  Just a very quick question to do with our special $5 kit club....would you like a boy pack or a Christmas themed pack for December???  Please leave a comment so we can get them ready.....AND did you find your packs good value or just so so???  Be honest as that is how we can gauge if our product is working or not!!!!!  Without you guys, well its just not going to happen is it??? 


leeanne said...

I think a Christmas themed pack for December would be good
And i also think the packs are good for value i love everything that was in the first one.
I also hope they keep going for a while aswell

linda said...

I think xmas for december would be good then maybe the boy pack,,,,

I haven't seen the last pack yet!!!!
friend was picking it up