Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sorry girls

Hi all....we have had a rather dreary week on the blog I see.....I'm about to post up the FNC for this week and you will have until Wednesday to complete it and get it emailed to me.....I had forgotten to do it.....
I have spent my week working in Keilor at a warehouse setting up for their sale (scrapbooking of course) and am very tired now......has taken a big effort on my part.....up at 6.15 am most mornings to get there by 9:00am I seriously don't know how anybody works full time 2 hours drive away from home :O that is just nuts....
So lets see if I can get this blog back on its merry feet.....I have lots of prizes to post out if your still waiting....when I work out how, I will put gift vouchers up for you to purchase for your friends or for you!!! ;) Well off to do your FNC.....
oh and the winner from our last prize post is:
number 15 (you have until Monday lunch to email me your address to claim your prize)
Back in a minute

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