Friday, 20 January 2012

Excitment plus here!!!!

I have managed to do something that Kathie and I have been trying to do for quite some time 
I added a Mr Linky 
It was quite easy to do in the end
They don't call me technology challenged for nothing!!!  
That means no more emailing your FNC to us 
You now hit the Mr Linky button and follow the instructions 



Alanna said...

Woohoo!! :)

Lizzy Hill said...

WELL DONE:) I'm probably totally stupid or something....but where is it??!!! Sozzy!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Aha!! Found it! On the FNC post... of course!! Told you I was stupid:):)

Kathie said...

Hahahahaha funny girl Lizzy!!! Glad you found it honey.....for anybody who doesn't have facebook or a blog you may still send us an email with a good photo of your LO or card/s attached!!