Thursday, 5 January 2012

FNC............... who wants one???  AND while we are on the subject of wanting bout another product pack with flowers and stuff???  Sound good???  Well just leave us a comment and we will choose a winner......Now who is going first????


leeanne said...

Id like one but just haven't had a chance to do much scrapbooking
But cant wait until the next kool kat kit comes out

rachel said...

good day:) .... maybe I will be have a lacky?.....:)

linda said...

Goodmorning lovely ladies isn't it a beautiful day,,,,,,,,,,
(well it is here,where i am)
have a fantastic day everyone ;)

Lizzy Hill said...

Hi all...not so good here last night. Big, big, thunderstorm - my son's room [he lives in the garage..but it's nice:)] got flooded. Said it was like a waterfall from the roof onto his bed!!!! Luckily it's been OK today, so have the mattress, pillows etc out drying!