Monday, 30 January 2012

Good Morning Ladies

How are your FNC coming along???
It is wonderful to see the entries that have already been linked with Mr Linky
Have you had a look at the entries that are up??? well worth a click as they are gorgeous 
Isn't it so much better having the Mr Linky link for the FNC

Last week of school holidays for me and I have a some extra stuff to get done at work
You will be seeing a bit more of me on here as you know Scraphappy Kat is working at least 3 days a week and some Saturdays 
It takes a while to get into a new routine with family work etc, and Scraphappy Kat is in the process of getting that all sorted now
What are your plans for the week besides getting kids back to school???
If your kids are already back at school what are you doing with the time that you have been entertaining the kids??
Leave us a comment telling us all about it
Reading your comments is one of the bright spots in our day
Hope your week has gotten off to a great start



Kathie said...

My goodness it was 8.00pm by the time I got home tonight....that dastardly awful Ring Rd was bumper to bumper and I had to take another route.....unfortunately I got lost....Pete to the rescue....he guided me through like a true champion :D thanks heaps love!! Gotta love speaker phones so I can keep my eyes on the road but chat at the same time!!!
Thanks heaps Lexie!!

linda said...

The kids & i spent over an hour in line to pay school fees & get books y'day,you would think they would have a better system (was not happy JAN)

Country@heart78 said...

Oh my goodness I love our little school with 18kids no waiting lines no pushing shovings its great.. We have a mega busy week kids start swimming today hubby is working flat out so am I and on friday I have to drive the kids 72kms to taroom for our Links swimming carnival then on friday night our lil school have our annual Beer n Wurst night so busy busy..