Friday, 13 January 2012

January FNC #2

Sorry this is late but my computer keeps freezing every time I try to do a blog post and I can't load pics on blogger, so there is no example tonight 
(keeping everything cross that it works this time)
Hopefully things will be working tomorrow and I can load the example and last weeks entries
Well it is Friday the 13th!!!

For tonight's challenge we are doing a recipe
#White or black card stock
#1 photo (any size)
#ink or paint
#2 or more Patterned Papers
#Flowers (store bought or handmade)
#and at least one other embellishment of your choice

Place above ingredients on you card stock any way you like
Take a picture and email it to us (the email addy is in the side bar)
by 12noon Wednesday
Happy Scrappin'


leeanne said...

With a title can that be any colour and sort at all

Kathie said...

I think you could use whatever you like Leeanne!