Sunday, 3 June 2012

JUNE ATC's......

The start of mine......havent had time too finish them off yet......


Thankyou to all that joined Mays 'Pastels with embossing'" sets. They have all gone off in the post today. We had ten for May.....gorgeous sets coming your way!!!"
If you havent joined us before......please do....just a recap for any newcomers...

Make 9 ATC's to suit the theme and post them to Pauly with a $1.20 stamped, self addressed envelope. (Get my postal address from Kathie). BEFORE the end of the month and you'll get back 9 ATC's (including one of your own) sometime near the start of the following month. The more, the merrier as they are swapped out round - robin style.

PS.... I also put the new theme on a Facebook group and send an email out at the start of the month. If you would like an email, send me your email address and Ill add you to the mailing group. Or add me on Facebook to be invited into the FB Group...(Pauly Gaye)
Happy creating everyone..........Pauly xx

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Kathie said...

Looking great Pauly....fantastic to see so many great entries...Keep up the great work girls....see you soon gorgeous!!