Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Things required for Melissa Kennedy's classes

Boys class - two photographs   (coloring - either black and white  OR  using oranges, blacks, browns, khaki's, reds and cream)
Also a black stazon or permanent ink pad and acrylic block would be great.

As for the other class I think I have it all undercontrol I just need to make sure you remember the chippie.
They will be using three 4 x 6"  (10 x 15cm) photographs but as they will probably be adding these after camp because of the chipboard
can you please ask them to cut out
- THREE 10 x 15cm RECTANGLES IN WHITE PAPER - so they can use them on the layout and replace with photographs later.  It will help if these are cut in advance.

Can you all bring or do these things.....I don't have any black stazon inks left sorry girls.....but I will make sure that I bring mine for those of you who don't have one.....


Shazza said...

Hi Kat! on the retreat page you have your mobile number, but its incorrect. (I think you missed out the '4') s/be 0488991699 :)

Kathie said...

hahahaha so I did...that number is correct...sorry