Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Our Feb Retreat - Full LO's revealed

Hi there to you all......very happy to announce that our February Retreat was a roaring success....thanks girls you all made it very special!!!  My favorite part definitely had to be Trudi's that girl is awesome..........I will post the LO and Printers tray that I did in her classes tomorrow.........gotta find them and photograph them.....pretty sure they are still in Pete's truck!  Not at all like me......hey girls???? So with no further are the LO's that I taught on Friday night  (I will post up the mini album later)



 Both these LO's are done using the "Cashmere Dame" papers from Glitz.  I really stepped outside my comfort zone with one of these, but enjoyed it very much!!!  I used "washi tape" for the very first time.....yay how clever am I?

Next we have some lovely ladies who came and helped us by doing classes and generally adding to the atmosphere of the place just by being there!!!!

So there you have it!!  Yep we all totally forgot to take photos.....can you believe that????  Sorry if you have been waiting to see them :( coz we don't have any!!!

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