Saturday, 8 February 2014

Challenge pack sneak peek!!!

Finally........we are able to post a picture of the challenge pack for February/March here it is........

Features include:
  • 9 half sheets of paper (cheaper for us to post)
  • x 2 washi tape lengths
  • x 3 flowers
  • x 1 ribbon double sided ribbon
  • alphas
  • x 1 chipboard sheet
 So lots of stuff for you to have a play with.......these packs will be released on/after the 15th February...AFTER we have all the other challenge pack pictures back and loaded up on the blog.  These packs are FREE but we do ask that you use SOME of each product in the package and while you may add inks, paints and card stocks (plain, bubble or weave not pre-printed) you may add no other no papers, chipboard, embellishments or any kind (unless made entirely from what is supplied) Yes we know its quite a are you up for it???  Well when we release the packs on or after the 15th Feb be sure to leave us a comment and you will go into the draw for a pack!!!