Saturday, 1 February 2014

No facebook for the month of February ....... can I do it???

Hey there...........just letting you all know that I will NOT be on facebook for this entire month....I have made a commitment and I'm gonna stick to it!!!  You can leave messages here on the blog or send me emails or even give me a phone call - but I will not be viewing facebook (not even opening it) for this month..........I'm planning on getting stacks done!!!!

We are going to have some giveaways this month and of course we will have our challenge packs on or after the 15th of February.....we may have a couple of FNC's as well just to fill in the blank spots and I STILL haven't drawn the prizes for you guys.....very sorry.....been a little bit sick with no energy and its been all to much lately :( Hopeful that very soon I will have a specialist appointment and they will fix my little problem and all will be good again :D!!!!

1 comment:

lexie said...

You can do it,hope you get lots done, will miss playing scrabble with you. Talk to you soon.
Lots of luv xxx