Monday, 21 April 2014

April - May 2014 Challenge packs

Well its been an awesome Easter here.......from our Good Friday service right through to our Sunday service was awesome........then we invited some kiddies over to have an egg hunt :D lots of fun!!!

Okay enough about us......

We have new challenge packs up for grabs......pretty sure that most of you will love them lots......same rules as always

  1. leave a comment
  2. email us your address (
  3. return a good quality photo to us by the due date to above email address (Instructions will come with your challenge pack)
  4. Please comment here on the blog, not on facebook
  5. follow all the instructions, its not called a challenge pack for nothing :D but its heaps of fun having a go!!!
  6. Please note: these are due back by the 18th of May - IF you're not able to complete the pack by then-please don't request one......we send out around 8 packs each month and if you count the people who send back a photo for us to display; there are not 8 submissions!!!  We do understand that life happens and sometimes there are problems BUT if you know that you're not going to complete the challenge then please leave the pack for somebody else to have!!! :D


Karina said...

Hi Kathie, I will try and do this properly this time by sending you an email of my address. Lol I would love a challenge pack. Glad you had a great Easter.

linda said...

OOOooo goodie challenge pack,
fun times coming up,just love doing challenge packs,,gets the mojo happening :)

Lisa said...

Happy Easter to you Kathie!
Lois loved the pages I created for last month's challenge...they became an Easter gift.
Hoping to win again this month!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, think I have done it correctly this time. Emailed my address, leaving this comment and crossing my fingers. Thanks Kath, glad you had a great Easter. Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed again, to the address on your blog. scraphappykat@

Katherine Conrad said...

I'd love another one this month please. Katherine

Heddie said...

Hello Kathie,
Hope this goes through this time I would love the chance to have a challenge pack.
love H xx

It's not a story, it"s my life! said...

I entered on the 1 st of April as did other ladies to win an extra pack, I guess due to blog issues, you where unable to draw that? anyway I would like to win this time
thanx for the chance.

Kathie said...

The prize will get drawn......I'm sorry had a few issues lately and my puter is playing up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie! As always I would love a challenge pack :) Hope you are enjoying this glorious Sunday