Friday 14 October 2016

Just over a month to go............RETREAT!!!!

Hi all....................what a busy time it seems to be for all of us!!!  I don't know where the time is marching away to, but its gone.....and left me behind I might add....certainly feels that way!

Just asking quickly if you could please let me know if you are wanting to attend our 2016 retreat.  We really need to have your deposits paid by next week if that's possible please. 
we are so looking forward to seeing you for our November Retreat....if you have given an expression of interest but have not paid your deposit yet can I please ask that you do that in the next few days - we will be needing to purchase food and pay a deposit shortly - really isn't long to go now....just over a month!!! 
On the subject of food: if you have any allergy's, dislikes or things you would like included please send me an email to so we are aware when purchasing and making food.  We don't want to have somebody sick or unable to eat what we are serving up at retreat.....that ruins it for them and also the rest of us!!! 
We will also have our normal specials running:
  • La Carta card stock @ 5 for $2:00 (mixed colours are fine)
  • crafting packs @ $5:00 - $10:00 - $20:00 & $35:00
  • left over bits a pieces from long gone ranges @ prices as marked
  • selected Patterned papers @ .50 cents per sheet
  • Glitter papers (last of the range) @ $1:50
  • Selected Glitz Design products @ marked prices :)

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