Thursday, 19 June 2008

where have all the puppies gone??

far far away!

Hi there,
well the puppies have all gone to new homes, well apart from the one we have kept! Our prayer is that they are happy and make the people that have taken them in happy. We have enjoyed having the pups in our lives, but I must say I am happy to see them go as well! We have named ours Diamond Dot, but I am naughty and call her "Missy" when the others are not here!
Have a great weekend, take lots of photos but most importantly, enjoy the company of your husband/wife and your children!


KellieBellie said...

She is such a cuite and so soft. But I still love my little man "BRUNO" not rat or Brutus, haha. Maybe I can bring him over when he's a bit older for a play with Diamond Dot/Missy, while I scarpbook, haha.

Looking forward to Friday night's class already, shall see you then.

Kel xx

Kathie said...

Yes Kellie, Bruno is very sweet, he has to be as he is Diamond Dots brother!!!
Sounds like a plan to me Kel.